”The FAB Awards is a global awards programme focused on exceptional work done for Food and Drink Brands. Now in its 15th year, the awards receive participation from 60 countries.” Categories include Design, Direct, Integrated, Sales Promotion, Advertising, Non-Traditional

Cheez-It fans are rabid in their love for original Cheez-Its. But they have eight different flavors and wanted us to do a variety play. We decided to let the voters choose. And choose they did, by the millions.

Facebook Election Headquarters 


Meet The Candidates Videos









The Debate


Debate and Election Day Videos




 Top Supporter Sweepstakes



Cheese Slinging Campaign Ads




Real-time Campaign Tracking By State

Forget red or blue. We had eight colors! And the votes were recorded in real time. Pretty robust for a FB tab.


The Polls Close




Top Cheese Winner: Hot & Spicy




This was truly the most integrated campaign ever undertaken at Razorfish.

The results:

  • 66,929,605 total votes

  • Over 600,000+ new Facebook Fans

  • 620,000+ unique voters, 2 in 10 came back to engage more

  • Most exciting: double-digit sales increase – up 25% across 8 featured SKUs during the program.