AT&T DSL vs. Cable: Slowdown Throwdown


Some of the hundreds of banners I did for AT&T over the three years I was on the team. Click the image for a video.

DSL vs. Dial-up: Instant Morse

DSL vs. Dial-up: Royal Pigeon

DSL with No Home Phone: Spleen

DVR Record More: Explore Your Prime Time

AT&T Movers: Plug Lug

AT&T Wall of Work Review

DVR in Any Room: Show Remains the Same

AT&T Bundles: Fine Print

AT&T Home Manager Website and Demo Videos

This was a site and group of how-to video for a product AT&T never released. It was an early attempt at a ‘home web access’ type device that was internet connected but only delivered the most minimal of news every household needs, weather, calendar, recipes.

Basically, an early attempt at a tablet with none of the online/cool apps or search capabilities. It was obsolete before it was released.


AT&T Home Manager Demo Videos


 AT&T Digital Lifestyle  Center  Site & How-To Videos: 2007 SXSW Award Nominee