Below is the first TV spot ever produced by Razorfish. The online videos I wrote were received so well we were asked if we would pitch a supporting TV spot concept. Across three teams, my idea was selected to move forward — another first.

‘Drops of Good’ Community House Profile Videos

Ten community houses from across the country garnered votes in hopes of winning a $50,000 renovation from Rebuilding America. Each house got a Facebook Tab with a profile video. I wrote the videos, the site, and Facebook Tabs.


‘Drops of Good’ Website and Facebook Pages

 Explore and vote online and on Facebook

 Sharing and email helped houses get more votes.

 Explore and Vote for all Houses on a single page.

Winner Landing Page and Video

Adamsville Recreation Center Renovation Video w/Julie Bowen

 The results:

  • Over 2,100,000 votes

  • 500,000 unique visits

  • 170,000 new Facebook fans

  • 3,000+ submissions on “What good should we do next?”